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Graeme's Insects of Townsville, Australia



List of common names

Insect morphology

Insect Orders



Most insects pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.




Blattaria - Cockroaches

Coleoptera - Beetles

Collembola - Springtails

Diptera - Flies



Dermaptera - Earwigs

Embioptera - webspinners Ephemeroptera - Mayflies Hemiptera - True bugs  

Hymenoptera - Wasps, bees, ants Isoptera - Termites Lepidoptera - Butterflies, moths Mantodea - Preying Mantids  





Neuroptera - Lacewings Orthoptera - Grasshoppers Odonata - Dragonflies

Phasmatodea - Stick Insects


Psocoptera - Booklice Strepsiptera Thysanoptera - Thrips Thysanura - Silverfish  


Trichoptera - Caddisflies        

Disclaimer  I have attempted to correctly name all insects pictured, but there will be errors, so users of this website should not assume that the name associated with a particular insect picture is the correct identification. 

Resources used in identifying the insects on these pages.

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