best blender for frozen fruit smoothies

Whether you recently decided to take a plunge into the realms of healthy living or you have simply been a major proponent of healthy living, frozen smoothies(fruit) are your biggest priority as of now which is why you are here! If you are in the market for a home blender for your frozen fruit smoothies, search no more. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is your best choice.


If you are looking for value, power, and simplicity all in a single small model, then you need the BL482 Nutri Ninja - voted the best blender for frozen fruit smoothies in 2017. With respect to function, price point, and features, this is the ultimate sweet spot if you want a great blender without necessarily breaking your bank. Aside from boasting two of the finest blend modes (Nutri Ninja and Pulse models); it also comes with an Auto-iQ technology feature that will give you the unique one-touch approach which sets it aside from the rest.

Simply select a mode of your choice and press the button to allow it blend to perfect consistency just before it shuts itself off.

With the Auto IQ, you get three diverse cup sizes you can mix using, and a cover lid that allows you to move around with it. With an 18-ounce, 24-ounce and 32-ounce cup, you can quickly make those smoothies anytime notwithstanding the occasion. It comes with sturdy and durable Pro-Extraction Blades with the capacity to completely break down a whole fruit, nuts, vegetables and even seeds for easy cooking of lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

As a bonus, you will receive a free Healthy Living & Recipe Book, Eat to Lose, Eat to Win by Rachel Beller with more than 200 pages worth of healthy tricks, tips, and recipes.


Smooth Boost Technology:

The Smooth Boost feature is a unique trademark Ninja feature that enables you to further customize your blend. With a simple button touch, the said technology identifies the degree of blending the ingredients needed, to provide you with a perfect drink each time you need one.

Moreover, aside from precise blending, this technology also allows you to whip frozen super creamy drinks like your smoothies! So in case you are worried about that super drink or going through complicated settings to achieve one, worry not-Nutri Ninja BL482 has got your back! Or should you say your smoothie?

The Complete Extraction System:

Similar to the Smooth Boost’ feature, this Auto-iQ extraction system simplifies the use of the blender. With this feature, not only does the blender detect blending consistency levels, but it also combines your ingredients through a sequence of blends, pauses, and pulses to give you a wholesome drink. What’s more, this technology is pre-programmed requiring you to only press button and wait for your drink.




With all simplicity, the Auto IQ is worth the investment. If cleaning the gasket ring now and then does not bother you and you are perfectly fine with replacing its cups when they wear thin, then this is your ideal choice. You get what you pay for, and Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is the perfect testimony to this.